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"To this day, I can say that I still use much of what I learned with conviction as I make strategic decisions in my role."

- MSM Support Engineering Services, General Dynamics Canada
"Excellent presentation skills. Easy to listen to, engaging and passionate! Amazing ability to draw participation from participants."

– Manager, Human Resources and Social Development Canada
"Gita, thank you for facilitating such an exceptional event. The participants had a wonderful introduction to the 'Reality Plus Experience'. As always, your efforts are greatly appreciated."

- IR Manager, Learning Tree International
"Up to date information applicable in any environment. Friendly, knowledgeable, excellent presenter. Thank you."

- QA Manager, CGI
"Excellent engagement of the group – clear, concise explanations and sensitive to the needs of the group."

- Senior Mgr CIBC
"Gita challenged us to get out of our comfort zone. This is how people shift, move and change their ways. You have mastered the subject and were extremely positive, fun and focused. Thank you."

- Senior Mgr , General Dynamics
"Excellent, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable in the subject matter and competent in every aspect. This has been one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had and would highly recommend you to our company on future offerings."

- Project Manager, Telus Mobility
"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Gita at Learning Tree for over eight years. During this time she has demonstrated outstanding leadership."

- President of The Claremont Group
"Professional, and sensitive to other peoples needs."

- Consultant & Analyst
"This was awesome! The content and its practical value has given us a boost. Your knowledge, humor and your supportive demeanor made all the difference. I would recommend this to any organization wishing to invest in the ongoing development of their team."

- Senior Consultant, Bank of Montreal
"Our management team was skeptical at first but now they're excited because they have some key tools and the know-how to 'unleash talent'!"

- Senior Manager, ScotiaBank
"This was awesome! The content and its practical value has given us a boost. Your knowledge, humor and your supportive demeanor made all the difference. I would recommend this to any organization wishing to invest in the ongoing development of their team."

- Senior Consultant, Bank of Montreal
"She comes highly recommended."

- Author, Consultant & Speaker
"The experience had application for immediate impact and important relevance for all of us. We are a lot more focused as a team. Thank you for all your feedback and helping us see alternative approaches."

- Director, IBM Canada
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Leadership As If Values Mattered

How do you re-energize employees with a renewed sense of belonging, commitment and connection to their organization?
What is the missing piece in having an effective, motivated team?

Is there a connection between values and financial success?

Close to 65% of executives interviewed on these questions agreed highly with the following statements:

"A company should lead with its heart and nurture its soul as it makes money. It should inspire other companies to aim high. It should do more than simply avoid doing harm; it should consciously seek to do good."

"Unprincipled capitalism ultimately inflicts damage on all its stakeholders. The good company leads by demonstrating the moral principles of capitalism, and by showing the connection between those principles and financial success."

Unless people believe in the core values and objectives of their organizations business will suffer. Universal values such as respect, integrity, trustworthiness, truthfulness, service and honesty are determinants of business success today more than ever before.

This program focuses on 9 practical strategies for leadership success through powerful Values and Service-Centered skills.

Transform the culture of your organization through higher level values

Capitalize on Values as a bedrock for change and uncertainty

Manage opposition and build unity of thought

Create a productive, profitable organization based on core values

Inspire others through shared vision

Bust the Ego and derive power from people not position

Convert transactional relationships to transformational ones

Build service capacity in others

Walk the talk by way of integrity

Workshop: The Corporate Values Game
The Corporate Values Game is a board simulation experience that supports executives and managers in understanding how to build a values-driven culture by exploring the relationships between values, culture and financial performance. The Corporate Values Game can be played as part of a culture change program, as part of a leadership development program or as part of a company conference focused on values.
Trademark of Richard Barrett & Associates LLC.

Program Features
In this fast-paced, intensive program participants will:

Participants gather feedback before the program in order to gain insight into their strengths and areas for development.

In this 'Values Fitness' program leaders will work through real-world business situations.

Brace yourself for a good workout!
This Program is:

Fast-paced & Solution focused.

Hands-on with real-life case scenarios and simulations.

Entirely customizable.

Designed to ensure direct transferability to on-the-job performance.

Innovative and current.

Benefits To Your Organization
Your enhanced leadership skills will have a significant impact across your organization. You will be better prepared to:

Achieve your strategic goals with stronger team commitment.

Develop a high-performance culture.

Help others perform at their peak.

Create an atmosphere of open communication, trust and support.

For your sake:
We minimize lecture and 'information dumps'!
We know that people learn and remember best by working through a problem, getting feedback and reflecting on how to do better in future.
So our programs are action focused, roll-up-your-sleeve type exciting!
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Resources we recommend:

Liberating the Corporate Soul : Building a Visionary Organization
by Richard Barrett (1998)
Competing in the New Capitalism: How Individuals, Teams and Companies
Are Succeeding By Creating the New Currency of Competition
by Lawrence , M. Miller (2006)
Saving the Corporate Soul--and (Who Knows?) Maybe Your Own
by David Batstone (2003)
Values-Based Leadership: A Revolutionary Approach to Business Success And Personal Prosperity
by Kenneth Majer (2004)