Great ;eadership happens when we attend to the development of others.
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What Clients Say...
"As a result of the coaching experience I have been able to get more work done with less stress. People look at me differently and I don’t feel the pressure of 'motivating' my team any more. Somehow they seem much more motivated and driven. It's a magical process"

– Director, ArcelorMittal
"The approach was consistently focused and on target. You allowed us to use our conceptual, practical and analytical skills to come up with plans customized to our needs. Thank you...."

– Director, CIBC World Markets
"This was a mind-expanding experience. I found immediate application to my business and feel much more confident to lead and achieve results."

– Director, IBM Canada
"The experience had application for immediate impact and important relevance for all of us. We are a lot more focused as a team. Thank you for all your feedback and helping us see alternative approaches."

– Director, IBM Canada
"We met our targets and I was able to get people to want to work with me unlike the past when they felt they had to work with me!"

– Project Manager, Telus
"Your time with us surpassed my expectations. The quality and the approach have helped me discover more meaning in who I am and what I do."

– Solutions Manager, Telus
"I got so much ... more than I ever expected!"

– Senior Manager, Bank of Montreal
"The personal insights I have gained have helped me become much more efficient in what I do and more effective in how I do them. This was really worth the effort."

– Senior Manager International Banking, ScotiaBank
From Our Blog
What is Executive Coaching?
Executive Coaching provides senior staff with highly developed practical and customized leadership tools, skills and solutions for immediate and long term development.

Who is it for?
Coaching is for people who want to make a difference but are often over-extended with responsibilities and have little time and support to develop their talents and competencies.

What are the Benefits of Coaching?
Coaching can:
How can a coach help me?
A Coach can help you by:
Will my confidentiality be protected?
Confidentiality is strictly maintained at all times.

What are the different types of coaching?
What is the preferred way for most?
We conduct coaching of all types and in various settings. However, Tele-Coaching is typically a preferred method due to time and cost savings. It saves travel expenses and commuting time. It is also more accessible to anyone since sessions can be conducted from any location around the world. The first session is usually face to face if at all possible.
Confidentiality is strictly maintained at all times.

How long does coaching take?
Our approach is typically fast-paced with quick results. However, the design of our coaching programs support long-term sustainability.

Why should I choose a coaching program with Kiva Corporate Solutions?
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