The bridge from Knowledge to Actionis Volition.
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What Clients Say...
"Gita has a strong ability to gain an understanding of the specific business challenge at hand, work with the customer to develop an approach to meeting that challenge."

– President & CEO of Learning Tree International
"Your enthusiasm is contagious! You're open and high energy yet very calm! What an inspiration!"

– Senior Advisor, ScotiaBank
"If you are looking for competence and thoughtful advice, Gita can provide it. Her value to your organization will be readily apparent."

– President, Professional Sales Plus
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Kiva Corporate Solutions

Since 1996 Kiva Corporate Solutions has been dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations get better results through its training, coaching and consulting services.

Our mission has been to add meaningful and measurable value to the organizations we serve by helping them bring out the best in their people.

From leadership training to executive coaching and consulting, our team has been equipping people with the skills they need to distinguish themselves in their industry.

Here’s Kiva's 'Success RECIPE'!


A Word about ‘Kiva’ & our Logo

KIVA is an acronym for 'Knowledge, Intuition, Volition, Action'. At Kiva Corporate Solutions, we believe that all of these elements are required for any successful and sustainable venture. This is how we help you close the gap between Knowing and Achieving!

The symbol used in our logo is an 'inukshuk', a significant stone structure used by the Inuit for guidance and direction. We use it to symbolize guiding and directing people in the context of their work. It is in human form and is made up of building blocks signifying solid, progressive and sustainable growth in people and organizations!

Kiva is also a Hopi word meaning 'ceremonial room', a gathering place', or a place of emergence'(see picture below). In this way, it is symbolic of a sacred space for discovering meaning and for decision making. The implications of this have tremendous significance for the work we do with our clients.