When people's talents are used for a highr purpose, they find meaning in what they do.
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What Clients Say...
"The approach was consistently focused and on target. You allowed us to use our conceptual, practical and analytical skills to come up with plans customized to our needs. Thank you...."

– Director, CIBC World Markets
"The experience had application for immediate impact and important relevance for all of us. We are a lot more focused as a team. Thank you for all your feedback and helping us see alternative approaches."

– Director, IBM Canada
"We met our targets and I was able to get people to want to work with me unlike the past when they felt they had to work with me!"

– Project Manager, Telus
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Bringing Sustainable Value To You Through Our Solid
Philosophy and Approach


In order to increase the ROI on your training and development dollars, we use approaches to organizational learning, change and development that are designed around an integrated process rather than isolated one-time events.

We use a highly systematic and sustainable approach to organizational training and development. To alter ingrained patterns of values, attitudes and behaviors we often combine various approaches in training, coaching and consulting so people do not snap back to comfortable patterns soon after a particular 'intervention'. Feedback and reinforcement are often needed for any transformational experience.

'Knowledge, Volition, Action'.
At Kiva Corporate Solutions, we believe that all of these elements are required for any successful and sustainable venture. This is how we help you close the gap between Knowing and Achieving!

Knowledge and skill are good but without a foundation of integrity, good character and trust they can be damaging! We believe truthfulness, trust and integrity are the foundations of successful outcomes.

An authentic, value-driven workplace is necessary as a leverage for skills development. Quick fixes in response to symptomatic solutions can be counter-productive.

Just like a mine filled with gems, the organization has everything it needs already in its people. We believe our work is to facilitate the release of capacities and unleash inherent talent. When this is done, employees are at their best and customers will clearly experience the difference.

Leadership is about helping others grow! That means having a service-oriented mindset. We work to increase the leader's commitment to the growth of their team. As a result there is a tremendous sense of purpose and meaning that is generated for the individual as they take on an other-centered attitude.

Intuition - Leaders often arrive at their best conclusions in the presence of incomplete or conflicting data. Intuition has become a core competency for a lot of talented leaders. We believe intuition and creative problem-solving to be a subset of knowledge and vital for sound decision making. Research indicates that 80% of companies whose profits doubled in five years were led by CEOs with higher than average intuitive abilities. In an environment of rapid change these nonlinear ways of decision making provide competitive advantage. We help employees and their leaders stimulate and boost this tremendous capacity.

The true value of learning is in its translation into action, otherwise the return on investment on any intervention becomes dangerously low. Our approaches don't stop at the conceptual level, they consist of realistic strategies that minimize the natural gap between knowing and achieving.